Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, November 6, 2014

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The time change last Sunday made it harder to get good photos of the progress on the construction happening at the store – but the lights shining inside the building were enough for me to take some picture from INSIDE the new space so you can (sorta) see what it will eventually look like (though it’s a bit of a muddle right now, I know). It still feels absolutely amazing to have our own building and we’re all so grateful.

What’s available for purchase under those shining lights you ask? Excellent question! Let’s take a look. Remember you can also see photos at the Furniture Gallery!

JFC 11-06-14 011JFC 11-06-14 012

gorgeous mid-century coffee table (love the brass ends on the legs) – some sun fading – otherwise, solid wood in excellent condition – priced $95

JFC 11-06-14 013JFC 11-06-14 014

this is actually TWO pieces – so can push them together as shown or separate ‘em if you want! Priced $145 for both and in great condition

JFC 11-06-14 015JFC 11-06-14 016

super nice Walter E. Smithe upholstered chair – man how I love nail head trim!  Priced $85

JFC 11-06-14 017JFC 11-06-14 018

Ethan Allen rose-colored side chair – also in great condition – priced $65

JFC 11-06-14 019JFC 11-06-14 020JFC 11-06-14 021JFC 11-06-14 022JFC 11-06-14 023JFC 11-06-14 024

wonderful Thomasville dining set includes: table with two leaves, six chairs and table pads for $395; two piece china cabinet for $295; buffet priced $125. All in excellent condition (not sure where the sixth chair was in these photos – but I was at the donor’s home and know there is a sixth one)

JFC 11-06-14 025JFC 11-06-14 026

this sweet tea cart LOOKS like it’s a gray metal – but it’s not. Painted wood rolling tea cart for $55 (oh and there are some lovely silver pieces currently available for purchase – all shined up and looking great!)

JFC 11-06-14 027JFC 11-06-14 028

very nice plaid sofa in good condition for $125

JFC 11-06-14 029JFC 11-06-14 033

two fabulous Jasper Chair Co. chairs – both look amazing! Priced $135 each

JFC 11-06-14 034JFC 11-06-14 035JFC 11-06-14 036

two piece sectional by Dutti – some spot cleaning required but overall in good condition – priced $245

JFC 11-06-14 037JFC 11-06-14 038

great dark gray sofa – love the extra wide arms – priced $235

JFC 11-06-14 039JFC 11-06-14 040

so pretty! Glass topped table with lovely wrought iron base – priced $115; Room & Board chairs are priced $45 each (these aren’t new this week and we originally had more but it looks like there are only three left now)

JFC 11-06-14 041JFC 11-06-14 042

beautiful Thomasville lighted curio cabinets – there are two back to back – priced $145 each

JFC 11-06-14 043JFC 11-06-14 044

simple black coffee table with frosted glass insert – priced $35 (there are three cool art pieces on top that are priced $12 for the set)

JFC 11-06-14 045JFC 11-06-14 046

beautiful Pennsylvania House sofa (extra deep seat cushions) – looked green in the store but brownish in these photos – some wear – priced $135

JFC 11-06-14 047JFC 11-06-14 048

small but nice Queen Anne style coffee table for $35

JFC 11-06-14 049JFC 11-06-14 050

great chair with muted leaves fabric – priced $55

JFC 11-06-14 051JFC 11-06-14 052JFC 11-06-14 053JFC 11-06-14 054JFC 11-06-14 055

this piece looks like it’s had water damage (see on the side? Yet there’s no warping so I could be wrong)– but it’s gorgeous! LOVE the metal drawer pulls. Clean this puppy up and you’ll have a fabulous desk! Made by the Rockford National Furn. Co. Sigh. Love. Priced ONLY $55! (man-oh-man! I wish I had a place for it!)

JFC 11-06-14 056JFC 11-06-14 057JFC 11-06-14 058JFC 11-06-14 059

here’s an unbelievable set of SIX chrome and leather basket weave chairs – all look fantastic (just need to be cleaned up) – priced $325 for the set (I couldn’t find a name on the couple I turned over)

JFC 11-06-14 060JFC 11-06-14 061

large dresser in good condition – priced $265

JFC 11-06-14 062JFC 11-06-14 063

totally fun swivel chairs (both need to be cleaned) priced $25 each

JFC 11-06-14 064JFC 11-06-14 065

someone extremely smart and amazing bought last week’s six chairs for $60 (way to go! Please send me photos once you’ve redone ‘em). This week’s “chairs of the week” are these three. Love the “X” backs and the lines of the arms – priced $20 each and there are only the three

JFC 11-06-14 067JFC 11-06-14 068

if you are in need of a single swivel stool – then run, do not walk, to the store today (Thursday) when we open at 1:00 p.m. and buy one or both of these fabulous metal back stools (they are two different heights) and are priced $15 each (which is a fantastic price – these are nice! Measure your counter first so you know which height is best for you)

JFC 11-06-14 070JFC 11-06-14 071

this dresser needs some work (the drawers stick) but it’s a great size with super large drawers (turn it into a media stand for your flat screen? add legs to raise it up to make it changing table height?). Priced $25 (ANOTHER amazing deal!)

JFC 11-06-14 072JFC 11-06-14 073JFC 11-06-14 074JFC 11-06-14 075

love the clean lines of this lighted two tower media bookcase with a lighted bridge between them and a bench thing that can be completely removed. All for $125. Tons of storage!

JFC 11-06-14 081JFC 11-06-14 082JFC 11-06-14 083JFC 11-06-14 084

truly photos do not do justice to these ultra modern, lighted glass cabinets! One is round and completely finished on all “sides” and is priced $235. The other is kidney bean shaped and also finished on all “sides” and is also priced $235. Both are almost works of art themselves. Provides tons of storage/display space without visually taking up much room. I truly love ‘em!

JFC 11-06-14 086JFC 11-06-14 087

great red side chair – lots of kitty pulls in the fabric (alas) so priced only $35

JFC 11-06-14 088JFC 11-06-14 089

I’m not sure why this shabby chic black round table is only priced $20 (missing trim to cover the supporting brackets?) – but it is and I think you could do something cool with it!

JFC 11-06-14 066JFC 11-06-14 069

and then here are two random shots of the wall of lamps and chairs that are on the east side of the showroom. As you can see we have a lot of both and they are priced to sell – I promise you that!

I hope you have an excellent day, dear reader! Am I the only one who keeps saying I can’t believe it’s November? Gosh, I can’t believe it’s November already! Where has this year gone?!