Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, February 12, 2015

Though the ground is covered with snow – the days are getting longer and as I write this the sun is streaming through my window! The other day I heard birds chirping that I haven’t heard since last fall and I smelled that lovely damp/dirt smell (know the one I mean?). Granted, we could still get plenty of snow and cold but – thankfully – it shouldn’t stick around for TOO long!

Though it’s a tab early to be looking for robins and dandelions (I know I’ve told this story before – but my grandmother would send whoever saw the first of either a shiny dime and all us kids would be on the lookout!) – it’s NOT too early to stop in and see the amazing selection of furniture at Jubilee Furniture (well, it’s technically too early at this moment [8:22 a.m.] since the store doesn’t open until 1:00 p.m. but you get what I mean, right?).

What follows are photos of some of what’s currently available. The Furniture Gallery is another resource for seeing our inventory (Alyssa – the amazing individual who keeps the Furniture Gallery current – is on vacation this week so I’m not sure if there might be items which have sold that are still up. If so, sorry!).

JFC 02-12-15 001JFC 02-12-15 002JFC 02-12-15 004

wish I had taken a photo of these amazing, really cool, rustic chairs with rush seats from the front. The wood part is not all even and uniform but rather very natural – yet sturdy – and really unique. I love them! Priced $225 for all four. Small glass topped side table for $15

JFC 02-12-15 005JFC 02-12-15 006JFC 02-12-15 007JFC 02-12-15 008JFC 02-12-15 011

this is a gorgeous maple dining set by Moosehead. It includes a table w/glass top (glass fits ONLY without any leaves); two leaves and six chairs. Not only is the protective glass beveled but it’s cut to match the corners perfectly! Priced…oh my goodness, I forgot to write down the price! I’m so sorry! If interested please phone the store at 630.784.2890 (how embarrassing! I’m so sorry). LOVE the last photo that give you careful directions about how to add the leaves (I adore our donors!)

JFC 02-12-15 009JFC 02-12-15 010JFC 02-12-15 012JFC 02-12-15 013

really lovely Room & Board sofa in excellent condition priced $315

JFC 02-12-15 014JFC 02-12-15 015

beautiful SLEEPER sofa (certainly doesn’t look like one) from Genesis Furniture – priced $185

JFC 02-12-15 016JFC 02-12-15 017

fantastic ONE piece bookcase with glass doors (shelves are adjustable) priced $265

JFC 02-12-15 018JFC 02-12-15 019

this is one of those versatile pieces that sits unassuming along a wall as a storage piece but then opens to become a table. Originally would have had one million leaves – unfortunately, only one is remaining. Still a very nice piece. Priced $165

JFC 02-12-15 020JFC 02-12-15 021

fabulous Bassett paisley sofa in great shape – priced $155

JFC 02-12-15 022JFC 02-12-15 023

beautiful Marshall Field’s sofa in excellent condition – priced $145

JFC 02-12-15 024JFC 02-12-15 025

great pedestal table with one leaf and four chairs (parts are stained a deep green) – priced $145

JFC 02-12-15 026JFC 02-12-15 027

Whittemore-Sherriill leather sofa – good condition – priced $205; matching chair and ottoman – in very good condition – priced $165

JFC 02-12-15 028JFC 02-12-15 029

sweet maple drop leaf table with 2 leaves and four chairs for $145

JFC 02-12-15 030JFC 02-12-15 031

rolling kitchen cart – priced $22

JFC 02-12-15 033JFC 02-12-15 034

though this piece is missing the original doors (and the base has been replaced?) it’s still a cool dresser/storage piece. Priced $35

JFC 02-12-15 035JFC 02-12-15 036

simple lines and low profile make this twin size headboard, footboard and side rails platform bed (no box spring required) a perfect height for a younger child. Priced $45 and does not include the mattress

JFC 02-12-15 037JFC 02-12-15 038JFC 02-12-15 039

we’ve gotten bedroom pieces with this black finish before and I really like it! Tri-Bond Furniture retro dresser for $45; matching nightstand for $15 (both priced really, really well and won’t be around for long!)

JFC 02-12-15 040JFC 02-12-15 041JFC 02-12-15 042

oh man – this is a gorgeous twin size four poster bed (mattress and box spring sold separately) in excellent condition – priced $225

JFC 02-12-15 043JFC 02-12-15 044JFC 02-12-15 045

this retro headboard and dresser/two mirror set has a fabulous green finish that’s amazing! Full (or queen?) headboard with frame for $55; matching dresser w/two mirrors for $85

JFC 02-12-15 046JFC 02-12-15 047

I love these rolling club chairs by Kimball (gorgeous nail-head trim that’s hard to see in these photos) priced $55 each and there are two of them

JFC 02-12-15 048JFC 02-12-15 049

excellent condition swivel/rocker for $35

JFC 02-12-15 050JFC 02-12-15 051

this red leather sofa by Walter E. Smithe is EXTRA deep and in excellent condition – priced $265

JFC 02-12-15 052JFC 02-12-15 053

also in excellent condition is this one-armed loveseat by Room & Board. Originally was part of a sectional – but for someone creative at $95 for the piece – you could do something interesting and fun with it!

May the sun shine warming on you today, dear reader (even if it’s just through a window!) and if you happen to spy a fat robin hopping around – let me know ‘cause I have a dime for you (a SHINY one – that’s very important!).