Jubilee Furniture weekly post for Thursday, October 16, 2014

JFC 10-16-14 049JFC 10-16-14 050JFC 10-16-14 051JFC 10-16-14 056

Since I’m now exclusively handling all incoming donation calls and the scheduling of pickups – I’m not at the store to see the daily progress of the work to improve the façade and enclosed the overhang for more showroom and warehouse space - so can’t always tell what’s been accomplished (most of the work thus far has been on the infrastructure which is critically important but a bit boring and not so impressive to the casual – and unknowledgeable – eye). Still these progress photos show the work IS coming along.

Remember, the store remains open throughout the construction – so even if there are guys on ladders and sparks are flying – if it’s a Thursday or Friday between 1 and 8 or Saturday between 9 and 4 – come on in!

What are some of the furniture pieces currently in our inventory? Excellent question! What follows are photos of just that and you can also check out our Furniture Gallery here!

JFC 10-16-14 001JFC 10-16-14 002

we received a set of six of these dining chairs – and they’re lovely (some finish has been worn off at the top of the chairs from pulling them back in order to sit down) – priced $270 for all six

JFC 10-16-14 003JFC 10-16-14 004

I know you’re probably not thinking about outdoor furniture at this time of the year – but we still have some unbelievably fabulous pieces which are super high end (which is EVEN NICER than high end) and brand new from The Merchandise Mart. Here’s a spring chair and ottoman which are priced $185 for the set

JFC 10-16-14 005JFC 10-16-14 006

sweet telephone table – priced $35 (look at that needlepoint seat!)

JFC 10-16-14 007JFC 10-16-14 008

I really like this Ethan Allen sofa – which is in very good condition – priced $95

JFC 10-16-14 009JFC 10-16-14 010JFC 10-16-14 011JFC 10-16-14 012

fun and funky is how I’d describe this table with six chairs  (one photo shows the metal base of the table). I didn’t look at all the chairs – but at least one of them has a small rip in the pleather seat. Priced $175 for the set

JFC 10-16-14 013JFC 10-16-14 014

I love this chucky coffee table with the inland wood – priced $75

JFC 10-16-14 015JFC 10-16-14 016

and then look at this gorgeous Heywood Wakefield coffee table – all clean lines and fabulous design – priced $285

JFC 10-16-14 017JFC 10-16-14 018

moving to a different era – here’s a William & Mary walnut writing desk and chair – all for $275

JFC 10-16-14 019JFC 10-16-14 020

and then what about this Beehive Victorian gliding rocker? Amazing! Priced $185

JFC 10-16-14 022JFC 10-16-14 023

I love this ottoman! Not only is it a place to rest your weary feet but it offers storage and a moving wood section where you can put your cup of tea too! All for $95

JFC 10-16-14 026JFC 10-16-14 025

oh man – look at this sweet retro desk! Love. it. Priced $55

JFC 10-16-14 027JFC 10-16-14 028

very nice oak pedestal table with one leaf (but it’s a large one – see it on top of the table?) and four chairs – all in great condition – priced $145

JFC 10-16-14 029JFC 10-16-14 030

lovely side chair for $45

JFC 10-16-14 031JFC 10-16-14 032JFC 10-16-14 033

so nice! Temple-Stuart corner, lighted china cabinet – priced $85 (which is a steal!)

JFC 10-16-14 034JFC 10-16-14 035JFC 10-16-14 036

it’s sorta hard to tell where one piece ends and another starts with this dresser, nightstand and chest of drawers. The drawer fronts are blocks that have different depths (does that make sense?) – and they’re some type of plastic – NOT wood (though the tops and sides are a wood veneer). All that to say, they’re still fantastic and would be a fun project (and by “fun” I mean “labor intense”).  The dresser is priced $55; two drawer nightstand (which is on top of the dresser) for $25; tall chest of drawers for $45

JFC 10-16-14 037JFC 10-16-14 038

so sweet white cabinet (shelf in second photo just needs to be righted) for $20

JFC 10-16-14 039JFC 10-16-14 040JFC 10-16-14 041JFC 10-16-14 043JFC 10-16-14 044JFC 10-16-14 042

gorgeous Thomasville bedroom set which includes: dresser with two mirrors for $265; armoire priced $235; two drawer nightstand for $45 each and there are two of them (stacked on top of each other in the last photo). Some wear but overall a fabulous set!

JFC 10-16-14 045JFC 10-16-14 046JFC 10-16-14 047JFC 10-16-14 048

lovely Hekman/Woodman side chair by Howard Miller – priced $55 (I saw one spot on the set that would need to be cleaned and the back looks a little faded to me)

And that brings us to the end of another Jubilee Furniture update post, dear reader! I hope this weekend has you enjoying the fall weather and doing something fun – like stopping in at the furniture store! Doesn’t get any fun-er than that! *smile*